Would you like to have a greater sense of peace, vitality and passion for life?

Through 1-1 sessions and workshops I can gently assist you to rediscover these feelings, helping you release the energy which is the root cause of discomfort you may be feeling in any area of your life.

My career as an energy healer spans three decades, and I work intuitively with each client, using various energy healing modalities tailor-made to suit your requirements.

If you’re ready to release the energetic and emotional blocks which may be causing physical ailments, mental fogginess, unease or just stuckness – take the first step and arrange your free 15-minute discovery call. 

See below for my custom programs

Magic and Miracles (4 Sessions)

Magic happens when you release the blocks that get in the way of life flowing through us. This short and powerful program is perfect if you’re feeling blocked, uninspired or have a niggling health issue that won’t go away where in 4 sessions I’ll show you how to release the energy or blocked trauma that’s keeping you stuck so you can move forward confidently with a spring in your step.

Includes 4 Private Sessions 

(Can be in person or online depending on location)


Quantum Power (6 Months)

Are you experiencing feelings of fear, confusion or uncertainty as you approach your next level and want to step forward into your true calling, your core genius?

Quantum Power is designed for anyone who is ready for a true life changing, paradigm shifting experience to ascend to your next level of consciousness where you no longer experience lack or scarcity, and instead live consistently in a flow state, manifesting at will without force or struggle.

The 6-month experience is perfect if you’re experiencing physical issues which won’t shift despite trying every modaility on them or are in feast and famine around money, resistance to moving forwards or fogginess around your direction in life – because they’re all connected to the same thing… allowing yourself to truly be, who you’re here to be.

Includes 14 Private Sessions 

(Can be in person or online depending on location)

£1800 (paid in 6 monthly instalments of £300, or single upfront payment of £1500)

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