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Your lighthouse when the skies get stormy, the seas get rough and you don’t know which way is up!

I’m Anita Wisdom ~ Quantum Healer and Transformational Coach.

I’m so happy you’re here.

Life will always throw you challenges, some small and manageable, some HUGE and seemingly unmanageable!

My work is all about assisting you in navigating the overwhelmingly stormy seas of your life with grace, ease, wisdom and gentleness.

With my guidance, you are encouraged and supported to meet your challenges head on, you naturally open to celebrate the growth that the situation is inviting you to; and you transform the energy of overwhelm and resistance into a Potent Power that facilitates your breakthrough.

When you work with me you begin to fully trust and believe in yourself once more, you grow an inner confidence to fully trust life no matter what is going on and I give you plenty of tools that work to get you back into alignment when you sail off track.

Are you ready to stand tall and strong, take charge of your life and look fear and doubt in the face?

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You are a Sovereign Being and you already have the capacity for growth and transformation inside of you ~ it might just need a little coaxing and sometimes you just need a little reminder of who you truly are and why you are here. 

What I know for Sure

You are here to be happy, healthy and live the wonder and joy you experienced as a child.

You script the molecules of life and you get what you expect!

You are unique and you have your own genius to live in this lifetime. All that you need, already exists within you but you were taught to look outside of yourself for what you think you need.

Life happens for you and supports you all the way (even if it doesn’t feel like it).

You lack NO thing. If you‘re experiencing lack in any area of your life – you’re buying into a mind created limitation that can be released with ease.

Your mind will try and root you in fear and control your life, once you discover the eternal peaceful presence you are beyond the mind, you will experience TRUE freedom.

You live in a sea of infinite love, and your heart is the key to unlocking the door to infinite oneness.

You are far more powerful and potent than you were taught to believe and you truly do script the molecules of life and create your own reality.

A little about you

Something is happening in your life right now or has happened in the past and it still has you in a tailspin.

You are feeling uninspired, stuck in a rut and you just can’t get seem to get your mojo back. OR

You are successful healer, coach or entrepreneur but you are heading for burnout if something doesn’t change.

You know there is more to life and there is something more you can be, but you just don’t know what that is or where to start. OR

You are on a spiritual journey and you are encountering what can only be described as ‘A dark night of the Soul’.

A little about me

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Lao Tsu

Aged 38 I hit rock bottom. I was attacked and thought I was going to die. I had a 2 year old and a 6 month old, was facing a bitter divorce and felt I had nowhere left to turn. That’s when my spiritual / healing journey truly began.

I spent the next 7 or so years avidly learning and qualifying in all sorts of healing modalities that facilitated my own healing and when I became truly happy and began to help others.

It was during this time I had a remarkable experience of something I can only describe as a divine spiritual awakening.

My inner state became one of bliss and ecstasy. I felt incredibly loving and connected to everyone and everything – I had NO THOUGHTS in my mind for well over 2 weeks and words can’t describe just how utterly blissful I felt.

During this 2 week period, I’d wake up around 3am every the morning, scribble down words that were flooding my mind, and then I’d go back to sleep. Later on after dropping the children off at school, I’d type up the scribbled words which were incredibly wise poems that served as my guidance for years after.

Nowadays I help others to move through their challenging situations and on to creating a life of Joyful abundance and true happiness.

What you can expect from me

A kind and compassionate ear that listens and sees the wisdom in your situation.

You will get good honest down to earth practical guidance and support rooted in my own experience as I hear what’s not being said from you (but is there in your energy) and release what you even try to hide from yourself!

I can commune with your guides and Angels so the advice I give comes from my higher self to yours.

If you’re looking for someone to keep you in the victim mode, then move on – I’m not for you. If, however you are willing to commit to yourself, and to creating a life that truly inpires, excites and uplifts you ~ Let’s chat

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