Welcome Infinite Being of Magnitude..

I’m Anita Wisdom ~Energy therapist, quantum healer and transformational coach.

My work is all about assisting you in reclaiming your Infinite Being Self so you create a life that truly inspires, nourishes and fulfils you.

Right now are you feeling frazzled, overwhelmed and insecure? Has something happened in your life that has shaken you to the core, has your nervous system working on overdrive and you’re afraid of the intensity because you don’t know what to do? Or are you feeling just plain ‘off’, you know there’s more to life but you just can’t seem to get there..?

Does your mind feel like it’s stuck on a washing machine spin cycle, or are you experiencing panic attacksniggling pains, illness and symptoms in the body that you can’t seem to resolve?


I have been there myself and I know what it is like to be emotionally traumatised and shattered; to feel like maybe the magic that I believed was possible in life is maybe for others and not myself.. If this is you.. I want you to know that change is not only possible but it can also be fun!



Would you like not only to live your JOY on a daily basis but feel so happy that you’re bubbling with excitement every day? Would you like to be able to choose more, be more, have more and do more of what you truly love?



Are you ready for Change with Ease?

Has your mind got you on a spin cycle of worry, stress and anxiety?

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