Welcome to The Creators Academy

Live Your Souls Purpose

What is it?

A membership community where we enjoy the warmth and support of genuine friendship with like minded others and guidance from me as we gather together to craft a Heart and Soul aligned vision for every area of your life.   Your Sovereign Self emerges and life becomes a joyful and inspiring adventure. You are guided with timeless wisdom that enhances your life in unimaginable ways. We meet online Thursdays  7.30 – 9.00pm and all calls are recorded just in case you miss a session.

Why do you need this?

Your Sovereign Self knows that you are all powerful and also that there are no limitations on what you can create. It is connected to every molecule of the universe at all times and can use the energy of the universe to assist in bringing your vision into reality. You knew this when you were a baby and a little child. You had a carefree manner, asked for whatever you wanted and didn’t hold back when it came to letting others know how you feel.

You began to detach from this knowing around the time you started school. You became indoctrinated into a system that was inadvertently designed to get you to Think – rather than Be. Over time, you began to value your mind more than your inner knowing.

You became influenced by your peer group, by the culture of the country you grew up in and your family culture. You began to value whatever it was that your peer group valued.

Unfortunately this didn’t include the power of your connection to your Sovereign Self and to the greater universe.

So you learned to listen to your mind, shut off your awareness of being connected to everything and you became a limited member of society as you grew.

You took on false beliefs like life is a struggle, you have to work hard for money, you are not deserving or worthy in some cases and that happiness only comes in fleeting moments and isn’t actually your most natural state of being.

As you came of age, you took a job that was supposed to bring you happiness, you made just enough money to get by each month and you were trying to be happy with this. You might numb your true feelings with alcohol or drugs and you tried to ignore the niggling doubts and unhappiness of ‘there must be more to life than this’.

You might have reached a point where something inside of you is saying – I WANT CHANGE – THIS IS NOT ENOUGH FOR ME ANYMORE – THERE MUST BE SOMETHING ELSE THAT IS POSSIBLE.

What can this membership do for you?

The Creator’s Academy Membership is all about supporting you to create whatever you feel inspired to create in and as your life. You will feel encouraged and empowered as you look within and connect to  an inner well of knowledge that is already there, just waiting to emerge.

You are encouraged to embrace and transform your limitations, and you embody a real sense of Peace and Possibility as you drop resistance and learn to embrace ALL of life as a true gift and blessing.

As a member, you are fully supported and offered guidance and facilitation to assist you with whatever you require during our weekly community calls. We explore the Wisdom of the Week topic and relate it to your life experiences. You learn ways tools and techniques to use that align your energy with the energy of your vision; and you are guided and encouraged to take the inspired action to bring your vision into reality. You are given ‘creation tools’ to help keep you aligned to  your vision and energize it daily.

Over time, you naturally drop the facade of ‘trying to fit in’ which grows genuine authenticity and you experience the true joy of freedom.

When we live authentically, we create more of what we truly desire in life without reservation, as we move beyond the bondage of conditioned and inherited limitations.

This is a safe space where you can feel genuinely supported and cared for as you release your limiting beliefs, deepen your connection to your Sovereign Self and experience the satisfaction of making wiser choices not just for you but also for the world at large as you bring forth your vision.

This is some of what you can expect

  • We explore your ‘unique energetic blueprint’ to give you a strategy to make decisions and choices that are truly aligned with who you are and who you have come to be in this lifetime.
  • You will learn that you never have to put the power outside of yourself ever again.
  • You will experience how to stay true to yourself and ‘BE YOU’ in all situations you encounter.
  • You will become free of inherited limitations from your family and your past.
  • You will develop the confidence to follow your truth no matter what.
  • You will create a life that includes YOU in every area so you become more joyful, fulfilled and happier.
  • You will learn how to stand tall and strong in your Sovereign Power whilst also remaining soft and gentle.
  • You will craft a vision for your life that is truly aligned with your heart, not just the ‘fantasy life’ you have been sold by society and what your mind believes.

During the course of the year we will also explore:

  • Your unique vision for the year ahead.
  • How to avoid burnout and become more peacefully productive at work.
  • How to befriend your body and choose foods and activities that contribute and turn your body on.
  • Simple tools and techniques that work to change a negative mindset and get you into creation mode.

The cost of your monthly membership is a one off payment of £129 which includes an in depth 90 minute consultation with me. Thereafter rolling membership is £36 per month.

1.  A weekly community call

2.  A step by step process for change in the 6 key areas of Physical Body & Health, Emotions & Meaning, Relationships, Career & Mission, Time & Money, Contribution & Spirituality

3.  A morning creation exercise video and an evening de-stresser to use daily

4.  A 1-2-1 consultation where you explore your unique energetic blueprint and your strategy and authority for correct decision making.

5.  Ongoing support and guidance in a private Whatsapp Group

Book a chat here  to see if this might be the right fit for you.

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