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Release Your Heart Wall Workshop

June 21, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm


Come and learn what a heart wall is and how to release it permanently with ease.

What is a heart Wall?

Everything is energy. We have invisible energies running throughout our bodies. Think of acupuncture. That modality works on freeing up the ‘blocked energy’ in the meridians of the body. This works on the same principle that unseen energy blockages cause disruption in our lives, not only in terms of physical health but also mental and emotional too.

When our energy is flowing freely, we feel great, we feel inspired and we love life.

However, when we experience stress or trauma that doesn’t get released, our energy becomes blocked and this can result in depression, lack of enthusiasm, generally just feeling ‘off’, uncontrollable emotional outbursts, niggling aches and pains in our body and even illness.

When we experience unkindness from others, we can put an invisible energetic wall around our heart to protect it.

The problem is, it also keeps LOVE out!

Any energetic barrier we create also blocks us from receiving all the good that life has to offer.

Our invisible heart walls are made up of unresolved emotional baggage that can be easily removed using The Emotion Code.

What is The Emotion Code?

The Emotion code is a simple and easy to learn technique that has helped millions of people worldwide regain their happiness, health and vitality by quickly and permanently releasing the trapped emotional energy that was the root cause of their suffering.

Releasing just one trapped emotion has the ability to change your life exponentially.

What’s this workshop all about?

This is a fun and hands-on workshop where you will learn:-

~ What trapped emotions are and how we create them

~ What energy polarity is and how to correct a reversed polarity

~ How to detect trapped emotions using kinesiology and how to release them using a magnet or a crystal

~ What a heart wall is and how to release the trapped emotions in your heart wall.

~ What inherited trapped emotions are and how to release them

Can I use this on my family?


You will learn how to be a surrogate to release trapped emotions for loved ones who don’t live with you.

Does this work on animals too?

Yes, it sure does.

I have personally seen someone’s horse go from not eating (and building up a considerable vets bill) to eating within a couple of hours after just one ‘remote’ session by working with the owner.

Will I be releasing my own trapped emotions and heart-wall during the workshop?

Yes. This is a hands on workshop where you will be releasing trapped emotions on yourself, others and your loved ones by proxy.

What else do I need to know?

You will need to download and print off the chart that will get emailed to you and have a magnet or a crystal handy. Also make sure you have plenty of fresh water to drink.




June 21, 2020
10:00 am - 2:00 pm